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Welcome to SISTA ry’s home page!

SISTA ry is the student association for interior architecture students in Aalto University school of Art, Design and Architecture. We welcome every interior architecture minded person as our member! Our main goal is to improve communication between the students and the program and organize happenings that ease up connecting to working life and create positive vibe in our community.

What is SISTA?

In 2018, while the rest of the ARTS was mainly concerned about the great move to the new campus, another major stir was going on in the interior architecture program: changing the department from the Department of Design to the Department of Architecture. Through a series of twists and turns on January 30, 2018, about 30 of our students came together to discuss about various issues and came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to establish our own association focused on student advocacy, working and alumni relations, and strengthening our community. 7 volunteers joined to form the foundation team and started to prep the paper work.

At the Department of Architecture, the Guild of Architecture is responsible of the events and advocacy concerning all the student at the department. I.e. welcoming new students is a responsibility of the AK. So it was clear from the start with SISTA, that we wanted to bring in more, and not to do the same things twice. Thus, SISTA’s activities started to roll around advocacy specialized in our program, IA student traditions and working life. SISTA is actively cooperating with the guild. It is very typical for IA students to be a member in multiple associations. In addition to SISTa and AK, IA students commonly belong also to TOKYO ry (Association of Art and Design Students) and NuDe ry (Young Designers Association).

SISTA became a legal association under Finnish law at its foundation meeting on November 29, 2018, when also the first board for 2019 was elected. The new board started to create more formal structures and in late Spring 2019 SISTA was accepted as AYY association. Later same Spring, on Vappu, SISTA was also accepted to the Finnish register of associations (RY).

Friends and Partners

Contact us!

@ Aalto-yliopisto, Espoo, Finland
SISTA ry is Aalto University’s interior architecture students’ student association.

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